Safety and more

At Kaar we realise that before we share anything it’s of utmost importance that we trust the person we are sharing with. Without trust nothing works. And yet, it’s near as impossible to establish trust with a stranger in a few seconds. And yet, we work harder than ever to ensure that it is made possible.

So, how do we do it? Well, you can say that the best way is to take not one, but multiple steps to ensure a safe network of people, aligned with a common goal.

Following is a list of measures we have taken to ensure that Kaar is and remains a trustworthy network. Because without trust, there is no go, literally:

  1. Verification: We verify each person based on 3 factors: their mobile number, personal mail id and official mail id. While it maybe easy to have fake numbers and mail IDs, it is difficult to fake all three. Inclusion of the company mail ID ensures that we weed out as many ‘fake’ profiles as possible. That said, we do realise not every legitimate user would have a company mail id. For such individuals we do a face-to-face verification.
  2. Referee network: While verification does ensure majority of fake profiles are kept away, we want to make sure that the network only fosters people who they trust. Hence the need for a referrer for any new addition. With a referrer we create a tree network that gives us the ability to validate (as also invalidate) a node of users. While this may deter explosive growth, it ensures that people wanting to cheat the network and others are kept away. We are testing the feasibility of this feature in our pilots.
  3. Surprise re-verifications: From time to time, we will re-verify our users to ensure that no miscreants have creeped in, post signup.

Other measures: Safety is not something that is rigid. It must be improved upon continuously. So, following are some of the measures we have in the pipeline to ensure additional safety on the Kaar network: Aadhaar based verification, Car verification via 3rd Party and more