Akka Chai Sutta: For the Love of Chai

One of the few things that gets us Indians going and is almost irreplaceable is a nice cup of Chai. The best kinds are the ones you get at roadside vendors.

But as they say, not all Chais are created equal. Some are just a little better than others. And be it a 5 min break during office, or during a casual stroll, we all need a shot of the hot drink.

So, given that trial and error is a little painful and at times irritating I thought why not let’s list out the best places I have had Chai at. And then I thought rather than just create a list, why not make it available to everyone, everywhere.

In a world where, if you Google something and it doesn’t exist, well, it doesn’t exist.

And so I had the thought of putting up markers on Google Maps for all the Chai outlets I really like.

I started the exercise sometime in February (a nice cool month, filled with lots of chai) and soon found it’s not that easy to just (literally) put your mark on the face of this (virtual) world.

But I was persistent and went about setting up a ‘business’ with an ‘address’, also going through a ‘verification’ by Google.

And so, one fine day, I realized that I had managed to create a decent list of 8 outlets across Delhi NCR that serve lip smacking, kadak, adrak waali Chai and which I can say, hand over heart are the best nukkads to have Chai at in their given region.

You see it’s not just the Chai at these places that make them great, but the entire setting and ambience, if you may call it.

So go ahead, Google up ‘Akka Chai Sutta’ and indulge in some nice Chai. What with the monsoons around the corner, the best time to have Chai is near.

And yes, if you have your personal favourite Chaiwalla, ping me, drop me a line, comment below and I’ll check it out and see if it makes the cut.

Happy ‘Chai’ing.


  • Incase you have trouble Googling, here, let me help you: Akka Chai Sutta
  • Some outlets are ‘Pending Review’ so will show up soon

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