August 2020

Klips for 4th Aug

⭐️ At Ayodhya, we will see dismantling of the old, and the bhoomi pujan of the new republic
– ‘If the BJP is guilty of dismantling the republic, all other parties are silent approvers. Like in the case of the most ardent opponent of majoritarianism, the epitaph for India’s slowly dying republic could also be “Hey Ram”.

Tech 📱 | Trump demands a big part of TikTok deal, if it happens
– Trump almost endorsed the deal between Microsoft and Bytedance, days after saying TikTok will be banned
– He said ‘atleast 30%’ of the deal should go to US Treasury

Interesting: How to be a con man
– ‘I know that you know that I know who popped up in your head when you saw ‘con man’ in the headline. But this column is not about that person. Sorry to disappoint you, but I do plan to live out my full quota of life expectancy.’

Interesting: India ‘Flying Blind’ on Virus Data as Modi’s No. 2 Gets Infected
– ‘The mortality data released today relates to the cases of infections reported 15 days back — in those 15 days we’ve added 500,000 new cases,” Sundararaman said in a telephone interview. “We’re looking at the current number of deaths by the current number cases” instead of dividing by the cases from two weeks ago. “In which case our mortality rate will actually rise to 6% which is where I think it should be — at about 4% to 6%.”’

Interesting: With a heavy hand, India rides out Kashmir’s year of disquiet
– ‘The government said that they did it for the good of Jammu and Kashmir. What good things have happened since then? They have destroyed our economy. Where is the development?’

Klips for 3rd Aug

Opinion: Modi govt’s NEP is out of touch with reality, Indian voters want English-medium education
– ‘State leaders with their ear to the ground, like Nitish, Mamata and Yogi, have shown that the push for native language education is not what voters want.’

National 🇮🇳 | 104 die in Punjab after consuming illicit liquor
– The state police has conducted several ‘raids’ and 25 ppl have been arrested

Amit Shah tests +ve for COVID-19, gets hospitalised
– He becomes the highest ranked politician to test positive for coronavirus
– It’s unclear if the cabinet will self-quarantine, including the PM, as Shah attended a cabinet meeting on Wed

Tech 📱 | Microsoft says will pursue TikTok deal till Sept 15
– The company in a statement said this comes after talks between Nadella and Trump

Sport ⚽️ | Hamilton wins 7th British GP

IPL scheduled from Sept 19 in UAE, pending govt approval

Interesting: Why antitrust is a jumbo Indian problem
– ‘In the run-up to the Jio deal, Facebook floated a new wholly-owned subsidiary called “Jaadhu Holdings, Llc” in March 2020. The entire investment was routed through Jaadhu, and Facebook was able to able to declare that Jaadhu “is not engaged in any business in India or anywhere in the world”, therefore denying any plausible collusion’

Interesting: A reader’s quick guide to all 13 novels on the Booker Prize 2020 longlist

Interesting: Immunity boosters are a myth — why you shouldn’t believe claims that promise to fight Covid
– ‘There is no scientific evidence to support claims of companies selling ‘immunity boosting’ foods which supposedly enhance immunity. The body’s natural process is already working.’

Interesting: China refusing to even discuss Pangong Tso standoff in disengagement talks
India Today:

Klips for 1st Aug

Economy & Business 💰 | GST collections for June at ₹87422cr
– This is 14% lower than collections for the same month last year
– Businesses with turnover below ₹5cr can pay GST till Sept

National 🇮🇳 | Amar Singh passes away
– He was aged 64

Tech 📱 | Trump says will ban TikTok in US
– This comes after frantic efforts by ByteDance to sell a majority stake fell through
– There were also talks of Microsoft acquiring TikTok
– The ban could come as soon as today (Sat) via an executive order

🗣Interesting: PPF, small savings deposit growth slowing. Where are investors parking money?

🗣Interesting: Could the campaign that made Swedes give up flying take off globally after the coronavirus crisis?
– ‘The people who gave up flying did not view their choice as a sacrifice. Far from giving up something important to them, most spoke about the decision as a kind of liberation – a transformation towards a life with less stress.’

🗣Interesting: ECI Knew of Appointment of Social Media Agencies Linked to BJP: RTI Activist Saket Gokhale