Klips for 25th Sept

World 🌎| US House begins Trump impeachment inquiry

  • The matter relates to Trump’s calls to the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden
  • Trump called the inquiry ‘Witch hunt garbage’

Reuters: https://reut.rs/2n0w3Fj

Johnson suspension of Parliament unlawful: UK Supreme Court

  • The court said: ‘The prime minister’s advice to Her Majesty was unlawful, void and of no effect’
  • Johnson remained defiant, however, saying he ‘strongly disagreed’ with the decision

Reuters: https://reut.rs/2llJ4sv

National 🇮🇳| Trump urges Modi to improve ties with Pak

  • He urged Modi to ‘fulfil his promise to better the lives of the Kashmiri people’
  • This statement immediately followed his interactions with Imran Khan and offer to mediate, again

Reuters: https://reut.rs/2kZErUX

Economy & Business 💰| RBI puts curbs on PMC banks, withdrawals capped at ₹1000

  • It’s now come to light that the bank had exposure to DHFL (Mumbai Mirror)
  • RBI’s restriction caused a bank run as huge crowds gathered at bank branches

Mumbai Mirror: http://bit.ly/2lwTRjI

Livemint: http://bit.ly/2mVs90e

Interesting: You have the right to be forgotten by Google – but only in Europe

  • In a landmark judgement Europe top court says the right is only restricted to Europe

Reuters: https://reut.rs/2kOZM3b

Interesting: VVPATs Can Be Hacked, Says Former IAS Officer in Series of Tweets

  • Kannan, who resigned citing disillusionment after Kashmir lockdown raises some valid questions on the VVPAT

Wire: http://bit.ly/2mtDLYk

Mumbai Sandwich loses its Slice of Life

  • Wibs bread, the iconic bread of the Mumbai Sandwichwala, with 46% market share and 90% share of sandwichwallas is off the shelves

Mumbai Mirror: http://bit.ly/2kWy6cJ

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