Klips for 23rd Aug

World 🌎| 🗣Bolsonaro says Brazil lacks resources to fight Amazon fires
– Just last week Bolsonaro rejected aid to fight the fires
Reuters: https://reut.rs/2ZpZEtf

National 🇮🇳 | Fuel supply stopped to Air India due to ‘unpaid dues’ at 6 airports
– Fuel supply has been stopped at Patna, Pune, Mohali, Ranch, Vishakapatnam and Kochi airports
Print: http://bit.ly/2ZgTifR

Economy & Business 💰 | Amazon acquires minority stake in Future Retail
– Amazon bought 49% stake in Future Coupons which in turn owns 7.3% stake in Future Retail
– Amazon effectively owns 3.58% stake which is valued at $104mn
– But Amazon paid a significant premium for it, though the amount is unknown
Reuters: https://reut.rs/2HhzOgM

Stock markets fall 1.5% after govt response to stimulus package
– India’s Chief Economic Advisor said companies should not depend on govt for stimulus and should ‘change their mindset’
– The Sensex has fallen nearly 4000 pts or 10% since the Budget in July
– The rupee too is on a downward move, now nearing 72 to the dollar, an 8 month low
Reuters: https://reut.rs/2HgHOyr

IRCTC files for IPO, Center could make ₹500-600cr
– The govt will dilute about 12.5% of its stake
– Oddly, IPOs are filed when markets are booming, not when they are in a turmoil
Livemint: http://bit.ly/30tW3I2

Tech 📱 | Google ditches dessert names, Android Q to be called Android 10
– Google also updated its logo for Android
Techcrunch: https://cnet.co/2ZoPp8w
Sport ⚽️ |

Interesting: What’s floccinaucinihilipilification? Ask the RBI
– People had to resort to dictionaries and Google to decode the RBI Governor’s recent speech
Bloomberg: https://bloom.bg/30sd4SV

Interesting: Peppa Pig gets new owner
– Hasbro to buy eOne in $4bn deal
Hindu: http://bit.ly/2ZmBpfB

🗣Opinion: The World has a Germany problem
– An excellent article by Paul Krugman
– This sums it up: A Trade war with Europe ‘is the last thing either America or Europe needs. Which means that Trump is probably going to do it.’
NYT: https://nyti.ms/30vVayA

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