Klips for 30th July

World 🌎 | Russian opposition leader may have been poisoned: doctors
– Navalny had to rushed to hospital from jail after an ‘acute allergic reaction’
– He was sentenced to 30 days in jail for calling a protest, in which 1000 protestors were eventually detained
– The protest was called as several opposition candidates were excluded from a local election
Reuters: https://reut.rs/2Gzjyrb

National 🇮🇳 | DGCA hands 1yr suspension to 2 SpiceJet pilots
– The incident relates to a SpiceJet flight that overshot Mumbai airport’s runway leading to its closure for 3 days
– The pilots landed the aircraft after consuming half the runway
Livemint: http://bit.ly/2OrDvXr

Economy & Business 💰 | SBI slashes deposit rates, keeps lending rates constant
– Deposit rates were slashed from 20bps to 75bps
– The rate for 7-45 day deposits now stands at 5%, down from 5.75%
– The RBI has slashed rates thrice this year, but banks have not passed on the benefits to customers proportionately, as interest rates on loans remain steady
Reuters: https://reut.rs/2GBUmAa

Voda-Idea to shut down m-pesa business, write off ₹210cr
– On July 20, the payments bank business announced its closure due to ‘unanticipated developments’ and regulatory changes
Livemint: http://bit.ly/2Yd6J0n
Also Voda-Idea stock falls 29% after Q1 results
BS: http://bit.ly/2YdCcQb

Tech 📱 | CapitalOne hacked, data on 100mn leaked
– The data includes ‘credit scores, credit limits, contact information, balances, social security numbers’ amongst other details
Techcrunch: https://tcrn.ch/2OoN09v

🗣Interesting: The sarkari cola: How Janata govt launched its own fizzy drink after Coca-Cola left in 1977
Print: http://bit.ly/2Os1Ko4

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