Klips for 9th July

US vs China import tariffs. Source: NYT

GoM recommends removal of ‘reverse charge’ mechanism under GST

  • It is an anti-evasion measure and its removal is likely to benefit small traders
  • Another GoM recommends delaying incentives for Digital payments of GST

Thai operation: 4 kids rescued, 8 more still trapped

  • 12 kids who are part of a soccer team have been trapped in a tunnel in Thailand for more than 17 days
  • Unprecedented event as 90 divers, 50 of whom are international divers, try and save the boys

Jet Airways grounds new Boeing 737 Max plane again

  • The airline has placed an order for 225 such planes

Opinion: How to Lose a Trade War – Paul Krugman


Interesting: I’m Sorry I Criticized You, Apple. You Win.


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