Klips for 5th July

Government raises MSP for Kharif crops

  • MSP for rice paddy by 13%. MSP also raised for Jowar, Bajra, Maize and Ragi
  • Will result in additional spending of Rs. 15000cr by Govt
  • Move seen as a way to appease farmers in election year, likely to add 35 bps to headline inflation
*MSP: Minimum Support Price, bps: basis point (100bps = 1%)

RBI grants Bank of China license to set up branch in India

SC gives 535 page judgement in LG – AAP standoff regarding Delhi governance

  • States that real power rests with Council of Ministers
  • All decisions must be conveyed to LG but his concurrence is not needed in all matters

Opinion: The paradox of Job growth


Interesting: FT’s picks of the top 8 Business books this summer

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