Klips for 23rd June

OPEC meeting ends in Geneva, agrees to increase production marginally

  • However exact increase target in volume not disclosed, nor countrywise numbers
  • India, China, America had pleaded to increase supply to curb oil prices
  • Saudi Arabia likely to makeup for shortfall by Venezuela, Libya, Angola with Iran refusing to increase output

ICICI bank discloses 3rd whistleblower complaint

Demonetisation reveal: Amit Shah led Ahmedabad DCCB got maximum deposits in country, Rs 750cr in 5 days

  • Information revealed as part of RTI query
  • Similar cases seen in data revelation
  • Notably, RBI banned deposits to DCCBs within 5 days of demonetisation announcement
  • *DCCB: District Central Cooperative Bank

Environment ministry clearance duration for projects reduces to 170 days from 600

  • Raises concerns amongst locals, environmentalists as many clearances have been fast tracked recently
  • Public hearing exempted in some cases to save time
  • E.g. Clearance given to power project in Peedaveedu in 78 days (usually takes 6 months)

Justice Chelemeshwar serves last day in court, retires to Hyderabad


Interesting: Jean therapy, Patanjali style


Opinion: An adviser with nobody to advise


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