Klips for 12th June

Petrol, Diesel demand at record highs in May
⁃ This is despite record high fuel prices
⁃ Diesel 7.55mn ton Petrol 2.46mn ton
⁃ Passenger vehicle sales rose 20%

Bullet train project hits land acquisition roadblocks, likely to miss Dec deadline
⁃ Project funded largely by JICA through 50yr loan
⁃ Govt has offered 25% premium to market value
⁃ Japanese companies to supply 70% ofcomponents

‘Fair trade, fool trade’ – Trump continues ‘tweet war on trade’

Rolls-Royce to cut 4000 jobs due to engine problems
⁃ Trent engines in Boeing 787 Dreamliner ‘not lasting as long as expected’

Robert De Niro fires ‘F bomb’ against Trump
⁃ ‘It’s no longer down with Trump, it’s F Trump’
⁃ Said this on live TV at award function
⁃ Received standing ovation

WhatsApp to label messages as ‘Forwarded’ to keep spam in check

What is Dolby Atmos? Explained in brief

How to Pose for a Photograph

To the brink and back

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