Klips for 11th June

Chanda Kochhar, ICICI Bank face US Sec probe, sources
– US Sec may probe the two as stock listed on US markets
– RBI also probing matter related to quid pro quo with regards loan disbursement to NuPower Group
– Quid pro quo means ‘Something for something’ in Latin

Swiss reject radical Sovereign Money initiative
– Only central bank would have been able to issue loans
– >75% voted against proposal
– Scheme named ‘vollgeld’ or ‘real money’

Football: India win Intercontinental cup, Chettri scores brace
– India beat Kenya 2-0
– Chettri Equals Messi with 64 international goals
– Match held in Mumbai to a jam packed stadium

China’s Netflix iQiyi jumps 89% in 3 months
– Better than Netflix’s own enviable return of 88% this year

Nadal wins 11th French Open title

PNB scam: Ex-RBI governor faults govt, says public trust in PSBs affected

IKEA likely to open 1st India store on 10th July in Hyderabad

The Piggyback Problem

Four Years of Achhe Din

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